Soholaunch builderSoholaunch is another website builder, specialized for developing business websites, which allows the creation of powerful websites through the web browser. Soholaunch is installed on the server and that makes its control simple. Soholaunch can be automatically installed to any website. Its platform is based on Apache, PHP and MySQL database, also used by WordPress, Joomla and many others. These are all open source and widely used.





Creating your first web page with Soholaunch


The first time you log in to your website you will see the Soholaunch’s Web site wizard where you fill in your website name, your e-mail and additional information.


soholaunch web wizard


Soholaunch first asks you to select a template for your website.


soholaunch templates



After that you select how many pages you want to create, choosing from different types of pages like News, About us, Contacts (with a sample form).


soholaunch select pages


New pages are created from the main menu. When you’re in the Create New page menu you can create up to 10 pages at once, name them and decide where you want them to appear, in the main menu of the website or not, When your pages are created you are redirected to the Edit pages menu.


soholaunch main menu


You just choose the page you want to edit and click “Edit”. You’ll see that the page is represented like a grid on which you can drag and drop your content. You can put more than one item in the same grid box.


SohoLaunch page editor


When you place text in one of the boxes the text editor appears and you can easily edit it from there. When you finish just click “Update”.


Soholaunch text editor


While you`re in the page editor you can just click on the box with your text or image to open windows to  edit them. In the same way you can drag video, audio, photo albums, forms, calendars, search, plugins, etc.  If you want to delete something, you drag the “Delete object” button to the item you want to delete from the page.


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